Friday, August 26, 2016

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Second visit to Kar Refinery Erbil

The refinery produces the following Oil products: Naphtha, Kerosene, Gasoil (Desel), Fuel Oil, Gasoline (Automobile’s Benzine) and Liquid Gas (after operating the second production line). These products are stored and distributed in storage tanks and then transported through loading stations by tankers, or may be pumped through a pipe to Erbil Depot according to the request. The storage capacity of the refinery storage tanks is double that of the production capacity. At the same time of putting the first production line in operation, the second line was planned and its construction started in order to double the production capacity of the refinery. The second production line included an Oil refining unit of 20,000 B/D capacity and units for Naphtha improvement in both lines in order to produce improved Benzene with 95 Octane number. These units include a unit for Naphtha Hydration at a capacity of 9000 B/D, a unit for Benzene improvement at a capacity of 6000 B/D, a unit for Light Naphtha Isomerization at a capacity of 2500 B/D, in addition to the liquid Gas recovery at a capacity of 70 tons/Day. Other facilities include products storage tanks, technical services and power generation unit producing 8 to 8.5 MW for the operation of the two refinery production lines in addition to the power supply for the national grid to the first line.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We visited KRG Board for the Protection of the Environment

Head of the KRG Board of Environmental Protection and Improvement, Mr. Samed M. Hussain, gave an overview of the state of the environment in the Kurdistan Region and KRG’s efforts to implement environmental protection measures and improve environment. He highlighted the needs and challenges of the Board and called for technical assistance.

We visited Khabat District, Erbil

Khabat District, also spelt Kabat, or Qezayê Xabat in Kurdish, is a district in the west of Erbil Governorate in Iraq. It has three sub-districts, Rizgary, Kewrgosk and Darashekran, and 64 villages. The district lies 37 km west of the city of Erbil, on the main road between Erbil and Mosul

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Skoda Praha and List International Group

ŠKODA PRAHA provides quality, innovative and competitive engineering solutions that meet individual needs of our clients. Our projects are well known for excellent reliability, efficiency and advanced technological quality with respect of environmental protection criteria.


ŠKODA PRAHA is an EPC contractor of power plants on turnkey basis. Our portfolio of services also includes technologies for environmental protection such as power plant desulphurization, denitrification and dust removal. We provide rehabilitation of existing plants to increase their efficiency, extend lifetime and improve safety.


The advantage of ŠKODA PRAHA is the focus on needs and preferences of our customers.


Over many years ŠKODA PRAHA has built excellent experience with construction of power plants that is proven by extensive list of international reference projects. Our mission is to continue the long term tradition of being the integrator of important Czech manufacturers exporting power plant systems and equipment.


Serving our clients as owner’s engineer, we support and advise the project owner during all stages of project. As design engineer we provide to our customers overall engineering as well as specific design activities.


Supporting our customers to cover all aspect of the power project, ŠKODA PRAHA offers assistance with various alternatives of export financing always being structured individually to meet our customer’s expectation.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We visited Kar Refinery, Erbil

Erbil Refinery is located in khabat district, at kawrkosek, 40 km west of Erbil city, and it occupies a land of 2.5km² to the left of upper Zab River. The refinery is composed at this stage of three production lines for crude oil refining and the production and storage and distribution and supply of petroleum products as per applied standards, which represent the 1st plant for crude oil refining in Kurdistan region. The actual construction works in this refinery started in 2005 as per a contract between the ministry of oil and the ministry of industry & minerals, and the planned schedule was to complete all the work in June 2006, but due to many financial and technical obstacles, the work was delayed, and the percentage of completion reached only 80% by Nov. 2008, which persuaded the government of Kurdistan region to terminate the construction works as per this contract and initiate a new contract with KAR Group to finish the works on the basis of national investment principles. Accordingly a new time schedule was fixed including also the import and supply of the remaining equipment.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

List Oil and Gas Upstream Division

Upstream Division

List Oil & Gas, LLC, upstream division as part of %50 List International Group and %50 Lotus Holding partnership under Florida registered Limited Liability Corporation offers its clients state-of-the-art technology, know­ how and experience, to perform all types of projects related to oil & gas surface installations, from wellheads, treatment facilities, gas fractionation, to storage systems.

The vast experience acquired makes List Oil and Gas a strategic asset, ensuring the client with a final product built for its purpose, in quality, schedule and cost. List Oil and Gas experience, references for which can be provided, gives us the expertise to provide services in this field ranging from feasibility studies, basic engineering designs, up to turnkey projects including operation and maintenance.

Feasibility Analysis
List Oil & Gas, LLC, prepares comprehensive feasibility analysis for all types and sizes of investment projects to its clients. Feasibility analysis covers market conditions, state-of-the-art technological solutions together with project financing alternatives.

With the client's acceptance, we can be a co-investor of projects for which we have completed a feasibility analysis.

Turn-Key EPC Contracts
List Oil & Gas, LLC, competitiveness lies in providing innovative approaches to the most complex projects. We have developed the expertise and financial capacity to provide delivery options that focus on achieving your strategic and operational agendas. List Oil and Gas delivers more than scope, we deliver solutions to our clients.

Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations on every project by delivering innovative yet practical solutions. The result: value-creating client successes on projects of every scope and size.

Project Management
List Oil & Gas, LLC, ensures the best possible project management by continuously working on improving execution strategies and methods, and focusing our attention on deadlines, quality and costs to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our customers always receive a first-class product based on project management methods of an internationally high standard.

Project Financing
List Oil & Gas, LLC and our sister company List Capital Partners (LCP), project financing capabilities help its clients arrange project financing.

List Oil & Gas, LLC, and List Capital Partners (LCP) experiences cover a broad range of financing instruments:

Project financing, Co-financing with multilateral financing institutions, Trade finance, Commercial credit, Export credits, Equity finance, Letters of credit


List International Group is a global firm, founded in 2009 is active in the field of five core businesses: Oil and Gas, Finance, Trading, Mining and E-Commerce.

List International Group always provides its services based upon the principles of customer satisfaction and trust. As a result of this approach, the Group has created reputable companies with global standards.

List International Group representing major companies in Turkey and Neighbor countries on exclusive bases.

List International Group services mainly focused on Oil and Gas trading, Financial Services, Commodity Trading, Mining and E-Commerce business lines.

We adopt a vision to be a global brand in Energy and Finance sector to the extent that can direct both domestic and international markets and as a qualified, strong, reliable company to be a leader in all business lines in which it operates and working in accordance with the objectives of quality and innovation that can be followed at the same time, to be a company that constantly renewing itself.

List International Group of companies :
  • List International Group, LLC
  • List Oil and Gas, LLC,
  • List Capital Partners, LLC
  • List Global Trade Ltd.
  • List Mining Group, LLC
  • List E-Commerce Group, LLC

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We wish you a happy new year...

We will open the book its pages are blank,we are going to put words on them by ourselves, the book is called OPPORTUNITY and its first chapter is NEW YEAR’S DAY wish you a great year ahead.

Welcome 2016 with a fresh ATTITUDE.

Happy New Year.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

$20 Crude Oil Could Be a Reality If This Happens

The U.S. is pumping so much oil it's running out of places to stash it, and that could have a big impact on oil prices. So what happens if we run out of space? And what are the chances that will happen? Bloomberg's Tom Randall explains

Saturday, October 10, 2015

List International Group representing world biggest EPC+F company in Turkey and Neighbor Countries

List Capital Partners (LCP) is an independent financial advisory firm in the field of investment banking services. Our services mainly focused on project finance advisory, mergers & acquisitions, debt finance and advisory, international trade finance, renewable energy projects, waste management and energy recovery projects finance and real estate development projects.

SINOMACH, as an enterprise group directly under the central government, SINOMACH has the largest business scale, greatest coverage, the soundest business chain, and the strongest R&D capability in the machinery industry in China. With nearly 50 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries, 10 listed subsidiaries, and over 140 overseas service organizations, SINOMACH has a total staff of over 110,000 people.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

List International Group launching Turkey's biggest shopping online website on July 20th 2015

List International Group CEO Mr.Murat Bilican and CEO of İdeasoft Mr.Seyhun Ozkara signed e-Commerce provider agreement for 10 years... is developed and run by IdeaSoft, the leading e-Commerce provider which is powering more than 10.000 online stores with nearly a decade of experience. We are proud to share our e-Commerce project

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

List Global Trade invest %40 Stock Shares of the Gaziantep Nurdağı Chrome Mine Field.

UMTAS Uluslararasi Madencilik A.S.
List Global Trade invest %40 Stock Shares of the Gaziantep Nurdağı Chrome Mine Field.

We have been meeting the challenges of the mining sector and contributing to the economy by extracting Turkish richness from the ground. We, Umtas Madencilik is the actual owner of Gaziantep, Nurdağı Chrome Mine Field.

Umtas Mining has always worked and continues to work according to our misson: ‘Interpret Turkish richness on the ground and underground and leave a value to the future’.


The mining license site, defining the work area is situated at the “Gaziantep province – Nurdağı county, Kömürler village” region, approximately between Kömürler, Çakmak and Incesu villages of Nurdağı county and at a distance of 62 km to Gaziantep city, and 7 km to Nurdağı settlement (Figure 2). The Gaziantep – Osmaniye highway is passing through the site and one access into the license site via unpaved roads departing from highway.

We are proud to maintain our position as one of the leading mining companies in Turkey through our philosophy to ‘respect the environment with modern operations’

Mine Field
The part of Islahiye plain suitable for agricultural usage and with a quite broad topography, remaining at the north of the Gaziantep – Osmaniye highway and the presently rugged zone devoid of herbs in general remaining at the south of the highway present distinct surface outlooks. The heights reaching a maximum at the central area of southern section descend anew towards further south.

Chrome and chromite in Turkey
Turkey is one of the foremost countries, producing chromite ore which is among the important raw materials of today's technology and having the particularity of metallic mine most available in our country and of which the sale is accomplished most. in While the Turkish chrome mining has started at Ottoman era, not much document is at hand regarding to chrome mining, pertaining to the period, prior to the foundation of MTA and Etibank. It is understood from the vestiges belonging to the ancient era, that the exploitations are carried out under the form of exposed exploitations close to coastal line, at locations to which access is easy and where big croppings are situated, and that chrome prospection is realized with the intention of discovery of croppings disposing desired properties.

The chrome prospection in Turkey can be described, up to the 1950's as encountering chromite formations which have distinct croppings on the surface and to recognize them. As for the exploitations, it seems that they are depending on the thicknesses grades and traceable continuities of chromite bands and lenses, are based upon cropping mining and open exploitation of which the depth is not more than a few of tens of meters in general. The exploitation of chrome deposits through underground mining methods have gradually increased from the 1960's onwards, in view of the chrome deposits of which the lengths are usually in the vicinity of a few of ten of meters and annual productions are at the level of a few thousand tons and a few tens of thousand tons that can be exploited through open exploitation methods have gradually decreased. Currently, the opportunity to find untouched chrome croppings having exploitable properties in Turkey is quite restricted. The number of chrome deposit that may be operated through open exploitation is also lower in comparison to the past.

Nowadays various underground mining production methods are being implemented depending on lengths and continuities of chromatid bands and lenses, making up chrome deposit. While the ramble (cut and fill) method is the most widely applied production method, room and pillars method in general or distinct methods, called as top slicing with artificial roof as is the case in Çamaşırlık (Mihalıçcık – Eskişehir) mine are put into practice at sections where the chromatid bands and lenses are thick and of which their continuity is considerable.

Monday, June 1, 2015

CEO Mr.Bilican and Mr.Aziz Yilmaz signed long term contracts with China Crude oil buyers

List Oil & Energy is now able to facilitate Crude Oil transactions with China National Petroleum Corporation sister companies. List Oil & Energy also became JV partner with several Chinese buyers after signing the contracts with Chinese Crude Oil major traders.

Since 1949, the petroleum industry in China has been strongly affected by the country's growing population and political ideology, as well as its lack of domestic oil reserves. It highlights the current structure of the government, their relationship with surrounding states, and steps they are taking to play a positive role in the worldwide community.

China has a growing population of over 1.3 billion people; therefore they rely heavily on other states for resources, such as oil. The Chinese government is taking diplomatic action to improve their relationship with ASEAN states. The Chinese government has to take extra strides to secure good relationships with its neighbors.

A big role is played in China's oil endowment by its state owned oil companies, mainly China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Refinery Corp, and Sinopec. Now List Oil & Energy also became contractual JV partner with several Chinese buyers after signing the contracts with Chinese Crude Oil major traders.

CEO Mr.Bilican visited China's major buyer China Peace Petroleum Group at Beijing

China Peace Petroleum Group Limited (hereinafter refer to as “CPPG”) is share-holding company. CPPG, as an integrated energy corporation, focuses on import and export of oil products, as well as oil refining and reprocessing. CPPG also provides services concerning international cooperation in oil-gas fields, including consulting,engineering technology,new energy development and new technology utilization.

Since establishment, CPPG has made significant achievements in petroleum business. Presently, CPPG have 5 subsidiaries in China, including Ningxia Lanxing Petroleum Group Limited (NXLX), Jinzhou Lanxing Petroleum Group Limited (JZLX), Dalian Lanxing Petroleum Limited Company (DLLX), Tian Yuan Ji Tong Petroleum Products (TianJin) Ltd. (TYJT), China Peace Petroleum Group Limited (Hong Kong).

GPPG made acquisitions of NXLX and JZLX for the purpose of expanding business in oil production and processing. As one of the largest oil enterprise, NXLX has two exclusive railway lines for product transportation. The capacity of oil storage tank reaches to 500 thousand cubic meters. The refinery and gas stations can meet the marketing demands in surrounding areas. The former of JZLX was a successful refinery. The capacity of petroleum and petrochemical products amounts to 3 million tons per year. As CPPG’s major trading subsidiary. CPPG’s subsidiaries in Hong Kong can take advantage of Hong Kong's generous tax policies, which in turn, will facilitate CPPG’s business operation in China mainland.

List Oil & Energy, as part of List International Group specializes in oil and petroleum products trades. List Oil & Energy merges our extensive high level contacts in the China oil industry with partners in Middle Eastern and Russian supply networks. With this group of companies/partners LIST has completed multi-million dollar oil transactions and has recently expanded its international team of oil traders in China. 

List Oil & Energy is now able to facilitate refined petroleum transactions with China Peace Petroleum Group. List Oil & Energy also became JV partner with several Chinese buyers after signing the contracts.