Tuesday, January 12, 2016

List Oil and Gas Upstream Division

Upstream Division

List Oil & Gas, LLC, upstream division as part of %50 List International Group and %50 Lotus Holding partnership under Florida registered Limited Liability Corporation offers its clients state-of-the-art technology, know­ how and experience, to perform all types of projects related to oil & gas surface installations, from wellheads, treatment facilities, gas fractionation, to storage systems.

The vast experience acquired makes List Oil and Gas a strategic asset, ensuring the client with a final product built for its purpose, in quality, schedule and cost. List Oil and Gas experience, references for which can be provided, gives us the expertise to provide services in this field ranging from feasibility studies, basic engineering designs, up to turnkey projects including operation and maintenance.

Feasibility Analysis
List Oil & Gas, LLC, prepares comprehensive feasibility analysis for all types and sizes of investment projects to its clients. Feasibility analysis covers market conditions, state-of-the-art technological solutions together with project financing alternatives.

With the client's acceptance, we can be a co-investor of projects for which we have completed a feasibility analysis.

Turn-Key EPC Contracts
List Oil & Gas, LLC, competitiveness lies in providing innovative approaches to the most complex projects. We have developed the expertise and financial capacity to provide delivery options that focus on achieving your strategic and operational agendas. List Oil and Gas delivers more than scope, we deliver solutions to our clients.

Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations on every project by delivering innovative yet practical solutions. The result: value-creating client successes on projects of every scope and size.

Project Management
List Oil & Gas, LLC, ensures the best possible project management by continuously working on improving execution strategies and methods, and focusing our attention on deadlines, quality and costs to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our customers always receive a first-class product based on project management methods of an internationally high standard.

Project Financing
List Oil & Gas, LLC and our sister company List Capital Partners (LCP), project financing capabilities help its clients arrange project financing.

List Oil & Gas, LLC, and List Capital Partners (LCP) experiences cover a broad range of financing instruments:

Project financing, Co-financing with multilateral financing institutions, Trade finance, Commercial credit, Export credits, Equity finance, Letters of credit

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