Thursday, May 26, 2016

Second visit to Kar Refinery Erbil

The refinery produces the following Oil products: Naphtha, Kerosene, Gasoil (Desel), Fuel Oil, Gasoline (Automobile’s Benzine) and Liquid Gas (after operating the second production line). These products are stored and distributed in storage tanks and then transported through loading stations by tankers, or may be pumped through a pipe to Erbil Depot according to the request. The storage capacity of the refinery storage tanks is double that of the production capacity. At the same time of putting the first production line in operation, the second line was planned and its construction started in order to double the production capacity of the refinery. The second production line included an Oil refining unit of 20,000 B/D capacity and units for Naphtha improvement in both lines in order to produce improved Benzene with 95 Octane number. These units include a unit for Naphtha Hydration at a capacity of 9000 B/D, a unit for Benzene improvement at a capacity of 6000 B/D, a unit for Light Naphtha Isomerization at a capacity of 2500 B/D, in addition to the liquid Gas recovery at a capacity of 70 tons/Day. Other facilities include products storage tanks, technical services and power generation unit producing 8 to 8.5 MW for the operation of the two refinery production lines in addition to the power supply for the national grid to the first line.

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