Monday, June 1, 2015

CEO Mr.Bilican meet with Sadun Boro first Turkish sailors with boats plying the world's environment.

Sadun Boro (d.1928 Istanbul ) Turkish sailor and writer.

It is the first Turkish sailors with boats plying the world's environment.

He was born in 1928 in Istanbul. Childhood and youth years Caddebostan and Marmara passed the coast. It began before the marine life by boat; He has a sailboat in the first year that the high school.

Galatasaray High School 's finish in 1948 after England 'by going to the University of Manchester 's graduated from the Department of Textile Engineering.

In 1952, with a 11-foot sailboat named Ling England from the Caribbean Islands 's first offshore extending to you, Atlantic made ​​the trip along with a British extreme. Then the 'Republic'memories of this trip, which was published in his book serialized in the newspaper in 2004 Pursuit of a dream.

Today sailing ketch crest of 10.5 meters in length and Kismet, 1963 Beşpınar Athar's been put on the sled in SALACAK workshop. Life must be the world largest e trip to Room 1965, German-born wife went with Boro. They Canary Islands 'famous cats taken in the accompanied Miço. The trip's memories for three years Freedom was published in the newspaper. These memories were later collected in the book full sail.

Boro family from 1977-1979, then eight-year-old daughter with Frank and the Caribbean Islands, America 's toured the east coast.

Since 1980, the basement living in Sadun Boro especially Gokova , Gocek as the southern Aegean is an effort to protect the bay. Boro, he continues to write articles in newspapers and magazines that instill the sea and love of nature.

Boat Kismet, Istanbul / estuary where the old shipyard in Haskovo, Rahmi Koc Museum 'can be seen in the.

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